Mission, scope, and focus

The Association’s mission is to:
  • Build a closely connected, mutually beneficial network of active scientists who are actively doing experimental and translational stroke research;
  • Foster exchange of information on stroke models, experimental and translational stroke research among peers;
  • Coordinate hands-on training and promote Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) for stroke models;
  • Culture an environment that favors identifying and solving problems;
  • Improve the quality of experimental stroke research and facilitate a successful translation for ischemic stroke treatment.

The Journal’s focus and scope

JESTM provides high quality tailored contents to stroke investigators. The scope of the journal covers original studies and reviews in experimental stroke and translational medical research. Special emphases are placed on new concepts and innovative research ideas in neuroprotection for acute ischemic stroke, and methodological improvements in stroke studies. JESTM differs from other stroke journals in the following aspects:

  • It encourages authors to submit articles with controversial/provocative ideas and negative results;
  • A unique article type “Innovative Research Idea” is available for accepting innovative research ideas, which is something similar to the abbreviated scientific part of a research proposal;
  • It accepts improved protocols;
  • The journal site provides a networking platform for building up professional connections;
  • It is both free and open-access.