One thing you have in anyone’s home that can save lives during a stroke

A stroke may occur to anyone without warning. The main cause is stopping the blood flow to the brain. The result is that the brain cells are left without oxygen, and damaged parts of the brain cannot perform their functions.

But the good news is that, in as many as 80% of cases, a stroke can be prevented by medication, a change in lifestyle and eating habits, and now the Chinese say that a stroke can be prevented with nothing more than a needle.

When someone in your area experiences a stroke or has the symptoms, look around the house for a regular needle and do the following:

  • Sterilize it: Hold the tip of the needle above the flame of a cigarette lighter or a candle;
  • Prick the person: Poke all ten fingers of a person with stroke symptoms. Press a bit harder on fingertips just below the nail;
  • Let the blood out: A finger should be bleeding now, but if this does not happen, press their fingers so that the blood starts flowing.

The blood should start to drip out of all fingers and make the patient feel better.

You often have to wait a few minutes until it happens.

If survived, a stroke most often can lead to severe and permanent disability in adults.

You can also try and do the following:

  • Massage: If a person is unconscious, despite the fact that the blood is dripping from their fingers, massage their ears until the person blushes;
  • Prick the ears: Push the needle into the soft part of the ear and push out a couple of drops of blood out of both, then the mouth should become less distorted.

Wait for the patient to normalize, and then take them to the hospital.

This method can only be used as a first aid, in no way should it substitute a professional medical assistance.

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